About Us

Our Mandate

The Creston & District Historical & Museum Society is the primary caretaker of the human history of the area surrounding Creston, BC. In that capacity, it collects and preserves physical evidence of that history, and uses its collections to present that history to the public.

The Historical Society undertakes the following:

  • To make the history of the Creston area accessible to everyone
  • To offer dynamic and engaging interpretations of all aspects of local history and its relation to a broader history
  • To serve as a resource for researchers, community leaders and organisations, teachers, and the public.

Our Services


Newspaper archives
Research services


Fully-guided tours
Temporary and permanent exhibits
In-house and outreach school programs
Bus and group tour programs
Gift shop
Special exhibits for community events


Newsletters, published 3 times annually

Our History

When the Historical Society was established in 1971, its primary function was to manage a small archival collection, provide information on local historic buildings, and house a very small collection of artifacts. In 1979, when the nearby Yahk Pioneer Park Museum declared bankruptcy and attempted to sell its collection at auction, the Historical Society obtained a court injunction to stop the sale and bought the collection. A stone house was purchased in 1980, extensive renovation work was carried out, and the Creston Museum opened its doors to the public on September 12, 1982. A storage building was built in 1986, and an open-fronted shed was built in 1995 to display and protect the larger objects in the collection. The Archives, formerly housed in a room at Town Hall, was moved into the storage building in 1994, and a climate-controlled, fire-proof vault was added in 2001.

Until 1996, the Historical Society depended on a community bingo hall and various other fundraising methods for its financial support. When the bingo hall closed, the Historical Society successfully went to referendum and obtained core funding through taxation. This enabled the Historical Society to hire a manager, the first full-time employee in an organisation that was previously run entirely by volunteers.

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  • Member, Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Community of Creston Arts Council
  • Member, Heritage Federation of South-East BC
  • Member, BC Museums Association
  • Member, Archives Association of BC

Board of Directors

  • President: Lou Knafla
  • Vice President: Bart Bjorkman
  • 2nd Vice President: Bunny Raddis
  • Secretary: Rosanne Watt
  • Treasurer: Jim Ryckman
  • Jim Carmichael
  • John Dinn
  • Brian Larson
  • Walt Pozniak
  • Ed Vondracek