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Yeesh, gotta brush the dust off my writing skills, it has been a little while since I put out an article! I’ve been in a bit of a rut as to what to actually write about this year, partly because there have been so many changes going on that nothing is standing still…but then I realized, that is enough to write about in itself! {oh, and by the way, if you like anything you see below, we are hiring for summer;) }

Programs are a constantly revolving door…not quite Buddy the Elf level, but continuous none the less.

Part of the reason is to see if you have perhaps missed something that could make it a more popular or relate-able program, preferences change, or, just to mix it up. Keep it Fresh. (restraining myself from a will smith joke thank you very kindly)

I have to admit, it is pretty cool seeing how things have evolved since I first started here, from little fledgling experiments, to community staples! So what this year is going to change?



Ok, we all do it. There are just SO. MANY. ADS. EVERYWHERE. that really, nobody actually pays attention anymore. and to be honest, we really hate contributing to the visual overload, but how else do you get the word out? Well, this year we are going to streamline just a little bit, and give you some dedicated spaces where you can check and see whats up whenever you like!

There is the staple brochure, of course. This gives you a great yearly overview, so you know right away what catches your interest, you can put it in your reminders, and everyone can carry on with their day!

There is the Website & Facebook, but we also have Instagram now too! (@thecrestonmuseum), so you can always keep up with what we are doing that way too.

Our Archives outdoor message board (at the Office front entrance) will have our upcoming programs posted, so if you aren’t really into social media much, you can stop by any time and see.

We will also be choosing a couple places downtown to regularly post our upcoming activities, however those locations are yet to be determined. Chances are at the very least one will be the visitors center.



As a part of our scheme to combat advertising overload, we are shifting our usual multiple-times-per-week Pioneer Lessons to two age curated camps, one to be held July 9th to 13th, and July 30-Aug 3. We found that amongst the deluge of ads, people just weren’t finding it. Which unfortunately turns into a lot of prep time that goes unused. So we Adapt!

Actually, come to think of it, we have shifted most of our usually through out the week programs to one week blocks (you can still book or request outside of the regularly scheduled times, of course). We have also amalgamated the daily town tours into a one week special, with all your favourite tours together! This includes our Town History walking tours, our famous Cemetery Tour that everyone is dying to get a spot in, and our fabulous bus tours of historical places and hilarious stories through town (June 25-30).



We have some different events happening this year too! Which is pretty exciting…always happy to bring new and exciting things to the public!

New up this year…

In Time Interactive Theatre-Saturday, September 15 (10am-4pm)

Ok, so it’s not new per se…we had this amazing group in last year as well, but the program they will be doing this year is different. Last year, Live History, a professional travelling historical drama group came to the Creston Museum to deliver school programs, as well as an interactive performance where the guests had to help solve a mystery! They will be back again this year, with another mystery, but this time, it’s on a running timeline…this one will keep you on your toes…

Farm Trucks and Transport-Saturday, May 19 & 20th (1-5pm & 10am-5pm)

Are you a gear head? A wrench turner? Used to work on a farm? Still do? Do you just like old vehicles? Just bored? ok fine i’ll stop and get to the point. We are having our own Blossom Festival Weekend Vehicle Show. Featuring…you guessed it…Farm Trucks and other Transport excluding the four legged variety. All ages encouraged to join us!

Brits Round BC-Sat June 30 (11:30-1:30)

It is the year of car shows! A fleet of British cars including MGs, Morgans, and Jags will be at the Museum


Returning to the schedule…

Lions Childrens Picnic-May 21 (12-2pm)

What a fun way to kick off spring! In conjunction with the Lions Club, all sorts of activities offered by a variety of community groups, and of course us! We will be making all sorts of quick and easy yummy treats!

Kids Day-June 9 (10am-3pm)

It’s tradition! Education all wrapped up in a fun game candy coating! and while we’re talking about candy, for each guided activity successfully completed, participants earn pennies to redeem at the general store for penny candies!

Canada Day-July 1 (11am-2pm)

Partnering with Canyon Park, we will be bringing the goodies! Complete the ice cream challenge to earn your treat at the end!

Afternoon Tea-August 11

The 19th year of tea and entertainment! Enjoy a light meal while you have the option to participate with the Footlighters Theatre group. Two seating’s available at 1 & 2:30, tickets available online!

Evening in the Courtyard-August 25 (7-9:30pm)

The best event in Creston is back and better than ever! Our theme this year is ‘Saturated Colour’, which you will see represented in the food this year, inspired by the vegetable varieties going into our Heritage Garden! Stay tuned for the announcement of this years movie and live entertainment!

Fall Fair-September 7 & 8

Come find us at the Fair! You can see what we’ve been up to through the year, and also check out our sprawling display…This year will be a celebration of 100 years of Fall Fairs in the Valley


Have questions about any of the happenings this upcoming year or want to book something special? Give us a shout! You can get a hold of us at any of the following…