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Creston & District Historical & Museum Society Board of Directors Rehires Tammy Bradford, Extends Sincere Apology for Previous Dismissal

Creston, British Columbia, November 6, 2023 — Creston & District Historical & Museum Society Board of Directors is pleased to officially announce the reinstatement of Tammy Bradford, effective Tuesday, November 7, 2023. This decision comes after a review of the circumstances that led to Tammy’s prior dismissal and reflects our commitment to rectifying any mistakes that may have been made.

Tammy Bradford, a dedicated and valued member of our team, had previously faced an unjust dismissal. Recognizing that this action was not in the best interest of our organization, and in light of further investigation, we have taken the necessary steps to rectify this situation and welcome Tammy back to her role.

The Board of Directors extends a sincere apology to Tammy for any distress or hardship she may have experienced as a result of her prior dismissal. It is important to us that our employees are treated with the respect and fairness they deserve, and we deeply regret any deviation from this principle.

We are confident that Tammy’s reinstatement will not only allow her to continue her professional journey with us but also serve as a testament to our commitment to fairness and integrity within our organization. We look forward to her return and are excited to work collaboratively with her once more.

The Creston & District Historical & Museum Society Board of Directors would like to thank all stakeholders for their understanding during this period of transition. We remain dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment and will continue to make every effort to uphold the highest standards of fairness and respect.

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Jason Meidl – Creston & District Historical & Museum Society