Creston Valley at Vimy Ridge

Every Canadian school student learns about the Battle of Vimy Ridge: the World War I battle that marked the first time all four Canadian divisions in the Allied army fought together on the same battlefield; that cemented the Canadians’ reputation as elite fighters, with the endurance and determination to take any objective; that stands, today, as the iconic symbol of the coming-of-age of the Canadian nation. Here, to mark the hundredth anniversary of Vimy Ridge, we take a close look at the role that the Creston Valley played there.

  • Chronology of Battle

    A day-by-day overview of the Canadian troops in action. Learn More

  • Keys to Success

    New strategies made the difference to the success of the Canadian troops. Learn More

  • Local Soldiers

    Service records of Creston Valley men known or thought to have been at Vimy Ridge. Learn More

  • Additional Resources

    Online materials, local documents, photographs, and more to bring Vimy Ridge to your classroom. Learn More