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Registered under the Society Act of British Columbia
November 24, 1971

Constitution of the Creston & District Historical & Museum Society

1. The name of the Society is the Creston & District Historical & Museum Society.

2. The purposes of the Society are:
a) to provide a central source of information respecting the history of Creston and the outlying area;
b) to maintain and develop a museum for the collection, preservation, and exhibition of objects of historic interest and value to the Creston area;
c) to collect and preserve information, documents, and other worthwhile material of historical value to the Creston area;
d) to collect and compile scattered references in newspapers, magazines, and other sources;
e) to record and preserve the recollections of old-timers;
f) to identify, mark, or document places of historical interest in the Creston area;
g) to provide assistance, information, and guidance to Government, business, or other agencies in identifying and preserving items and sites of historical interest;
h) to ensure that the facilities, collections, and programs of the Historical Society are accessible to the public, within the limitations of Historical Society resources and its goal of preservation;
i) to maintain cordial relations and to interchange information with historical societies in the neighbouring areas and at provincial and federal levels.


As adopted 29 April 2017

PART 5 – DIRECTORS’ MEETINGS Calling directors’ meeting 5.1 A directors’ meeting may be called by the President or by any two (2) other directors if additional to the agreed meetings in 4.8. Notice of directors’ meeting 5.2 At least seven (7) days notice of a directors’ meeting in 5.1 shall be given, unless all the directors agree to a shorter notice period. Proceedings valid 5.3 Notice of meeting in 5.1 may be by mail, email, telephone. The non-receipt of a so given notice by a director does not invalidate proceedings at the meeting. Conduct of directors’ meetings 5.4 The Board may meet for the dispatch of any business, adjourn, and otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit. Questions arising at any meetings shall be decided by a majority vote of those present. Quorum of directors 5.5 The quorum for the transaction of business at a directors’ meeting shall be five (5).

AGM 2023

Creston & District Historical & Museum Society
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