Volunteer With Us!

Why? We're glad you asked!

Volunteering at the Creston Museum lets you dive into the past and really dig around. You get up-close-and-personal with one-of-a-kind objects. You travel back in time through old photographs and newspapers. You get to meet all sorts of fascinating people. You go behind-the-scenes, and make it come to life. You build exhibits (and sometimes take them down). You hear stories, write stories, tell stories. You can do all of it, or any of it. You can share the knowledge you’ve gained over a lifetime, or you can try something new.

The pay, we confess, is non-existent – but the perks are pretty good! You can pretty much choose your own hours. You get to write your own job description. You can have a front-row seat at any event you choose to work at. You don’t need to know anything about museums or local history, because we can teach you all of that. And we throw a party for you once a year.

Great Opportunities For Everyone!

  • Young people looking for job skills
  • Retired people wanting to keep their skills sharp
  • Long-time residents wanting to share their memories
  • New residents hoping to learn more about the community
  • Groups seeking a project to undertake together
  • High school students needing to fulfill graduation requirements
  • Anyone wanting to explore local history

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Conversation Starter

Wednesday, February 7 & Wednesday, February 28

6:30-8:30 PM

Kootenay Room, Creston & District Community Complex

We’re collaborating on a potential exhibit on ice sports in the Creston Valley! We’ll have a whole bunch of posters at the Community Complex to get people's memories flowing. Your job is to strike up the conversation, ask questions, and write down what they tell you.

  • Skills required: Ability to talk to people; legible handwriting. Some knowledge of local ice sports could help, but it’s not necessary.
  • Time Commitment: Two hours on a couple of Wednesday evenings in February.

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Project Idea Evaluator

April 2024, Date TBD

A couple of hours

Creston Museum

We’ve recently acquired a large collection of antique belt-driven machinery, and now we’re working on how to best store and display it here at the Museum. We’re evaluating options and coming up with ideas, and we’re going to need your help to decide which one is the best. We’ll have it all ready for you at our Annual General Meeting, coming sometime in April. Watch for details!

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Heritage Gardener

May-September 2024

Once a week

Creston Museum

The Community Seed Bank provides the seeds and young plants; we put them in, add some signage, and maintain the garden over the summer. It’s a great way to share the Seed Bank’s work with the public! (If you prefer flowers to vegetables, we have lots of flower gardens, too!)

  • Skills Required: Gardening skills. If you have experience with heirloom gardening and seed harvesting, that’s a bonus.
  • Time Commitment: A couple hours a week throughout the summer. Specific days and times are up to you.

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Treasure Hunter

Summer 2024

Dates and times flexible and variable

Creston Museum

We’re getting ready to move our object collections to a new database – and that means a lot of work making sure all the data is accurate. Think of it as a gigantic treasure hunt: we’ll give you a description of an object, and you get to find it, take a photo of it, and make sure its location in the database is correct.

  • Skills Required: Patience, persistence, and attention to detail; ability to handle objects carefully; will involve stairs and dusty storage areas, and may involve some lifting (up to 25 pounds).
  • Time Commitment: A few hours a week throughout the summer and fall, but schedules can be very flexible

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Gift Shop Coordinator

Winter-Spring 2024

Flexible scheduling

Creston Museum / At Home

Our little gift shop features local products and standard souvenirs that appeal to national and international travelers. We’re looking for someone to connect with local artists, artisans, and authors; refresh our stock of made-in-Canada souvenirs; and get the shelves set up and organized in time for summer .

  • Skills Required: Connection to local arts community; Retail experience a bonus.
  • Time Commitment: 15-20 hours over the next few months, at your own schedule

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Clean-Up Day

Saturday, April 27, 2024

9:30 till we’re done

Creston Museum

Every spring, we have a work-bee to get the Museum clean and sparkling and ready for the busy summer season; dusting, sweeping, wiping, power-washing, gardening, setting up benches and picnic tables, and whatever else needs to be done. Bring the whole gang, your work gloves, and tools. We’ll provide the goodies!

  • Skills Required: Depends on the specific tasks you want to tackle, but nothing really specialized!
  • Time Commitment: Generally three or four hours on one Saturday in April.

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Photograph Scanner

Spring-Summer-Fall 2024

Flexible scheduling

Creston Museum / At Home

Part of our preparation for a new collections-management database means making sure we have digital photos of every object in our collection…and for the several thousand objects that we got before digital cameras were invented, that means scanning the photos that are attached to paper cataloguing records.

  • Skills Required: Ability to use a computer and scanner; accurate data entry for file names; lots of patience.
  • Time Commitment: Many hours, but can be done on pretty much any schedule you want.

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Creator

Anytime in 2024

Flexible scheduling

Largely At Home

In 2015, we hosted a Trench Dinner, where guests followed a local soldier who had enlisted in the First World War through an exhibit and learned about his experiences during the Battle of St. Julian’s Wood in April 1915. Ever since, we’ve been wanting to turn that into an online exhibit, inspired by the format of the choose-your-own-adventure books we read as kids.

  • Skills Required: Ability to organize lots of piece-meal information; developing themes and storylines; writing; story-telling; ability to present information in an online environment
  • Time Commitment: Several hours, entirely at your own pace and schedule.

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Logging Arch Oiler

Spring 2024

On your schedule

Creston Museum

Our logging arch needs its annual clean-up and oiling. It’s a big job – feel free to bring the whole gang. We provide all the materials you need and work with you to schedule the machinery to jack it up and remove each wheel  to get the wax-based lubricant into the axles.

  • Skills Required: It’s physical work and there’s a lot of it! Some experience with woodworking is good; must be comfortable working on ladders and working outdoors.
  • Time Commitment: Several hours, all on your own schedule.

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Locomotive Cab Builder

April 2024

On your schedule

Creston Museum

Our little steam locomotive out by the entrance is in desperate need of a rebuild! It’s fairly straightforward carpentry, mostly uses pretty standard dimensional lumber. We have the lumber – we just need your carpentry skills! Let’s put a crew together and get this done in April, before the busy summer season starts.

  • Skills Required: Basic carpentry; painting; even just hauling materials around.
  • Time Commitment: Several hours over a few days in April

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Museum Host

Mid-May to late-September 2024

A few hours per week

Creston Museum

Staffing the gift shop, helping visitors find their way around, providing information about the objects and exhibits, leading kids activities and programs – this is the front lines of the Museum’s operations and a chance to meet people from all over the world. it’s also easily the most fun job we have here!

  • Skills Required: Friendly, welcoming, and able to talk to people of all ages and backgrounds. We can teach you everything you need to know!
  • Time Commitment: Three to six hours a day, one day a week throughout the summer (we'll accommodate your holidays and summer plans!).

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Do you have something else in mind?

  • Tour Guiding
  • History Researching
  • Event Staffing
  • School Touring
  • Presentation Giving
  • Flower Gardening
  • Display Dusting
  • Newsletter Publishing
  • Equipment Moving
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Database Updating
  • Artifact Cataloging
  • Visitor Greeting
  • Grape Trimming
  • Goody Baking
  • Book Writing
  • Gift Shop Staffing
  • Index Typing
  • Document Filing
  • Story Telling
  • Long-term Planning
  • Mystery Solving
  • Exhibit Designing
  • Object Identifying
  • Food Serving

We welcome your ideas! Contact Tammy at 250-428-9262 or tammy@crestonmuseum.ca to talk about custom volunteer opportunities just for you!