Baking Day!

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After a weekend off (everyone needs one of those, once in a while!), we’re back with today’s suggestion for staying connected and celebrating the holidays despite covid:

Bake your favourite Christmas/holiday cookies!

There’s some classic recipes from the Sewing Circle of St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church (1953) in the photo at the top of the page. Here’s some more ideas:

  • Make the childhood recipe you haven’t had in years, then call up your grandmother, mother, or siblings (anyone you shared those childhood treats with) and reminisce.
  • Arrange to FaceTime or Skype with distant friends or family members – make your cookies together apart.
  • Find a new favourite – try the recipe you’ve never made before but always wanted to.
  • Instead of the traditional cookie exchange, do a recipe exchange – share your favourite recipe with friends, and get them to share their favourites with you. Then do the FaceTime thing so they can teach you all the finer points of their recipe as you make them.

Here’s one to get you started. Val sends this one, and says, “I have no idea how old it is or where my mother got it from but I figure it is well over 60 years old because I think I have had them every Christmas for my whole life. I have always felt that these are the best shortbread cookies I have ever had.”

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