Paint a Rock!

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Yesterday, we suggested sending cards to isolated people as a way of sending warm thoughts and bringing joy and happiness. Today, for your Holiday Spirit challenge: paint a rock and hide it where someone can find it!

If you’re a member of the Creston Rockz group on Facebook, you’ll know how much delight one of these little painted treasures can bring. So find some flattish rocks, grab your paints (acrylic ones work best), and get started!

The ones in these photos were all done by the same person – let’s call them “the Rock Fairy,” who has sent 768 rocks out into the world so far (as of a couple of weeks ago, so it’s probably more by now!). The Rock Fairy says, “it is fun and a great way to pass time alone. I am no artist, but have improved since I started a year ago. I love being able to give someone a smile. One lady lost her husband suddenly and they had always raised birds. She loves bird rocks. I have left about 10 around her yard and every time she posts a wonderful note.”

The Rock Fairy has also left specially-painted rocks for others: A Superman rock for a little bot who was sick, and a bee rock for a friend who recently started bee-keeping.

What kind of special rocks can you make for people you know?