Rentals & Facilities


The Grounds

The beautiful grounds and pleasant atmosphere at the Creston Museum make it a lovely spot for a family or business gathering, a birthday party, wedding photos, or even the wedding itself. The patio is nicely shaded throughout most of the day and the gazebo is equipped with picnic tables just waiting for you.

Rental Rates:

  • Informal use of grounds as-is without additional equipment or set-up: $25 for half-day or evenings; $50 for full-day events;
  • Any use requiring additional set-up or equipment, food service, etc.: $100 per day, including set-up and take-down days;
  • Use of Carr Building and/or kitchen not available at this time

The Carr Building

Please note: Due to COVID-19 and the need to protect our regular users, the Carr Building is not available for rental until further notice. Thank you for your understanding!

The Carr Building is a classroom or meeting space complete with a (domestic quality) kitchen and washroom. It has tables and chairs for forty-eight when set up classroom-style, but its 30 x 30 foot main room is plenty large enough for more active activities when the tables and chairs are put away.

Rental Rates:

  • $25 for half-day or evenings; $50 for full-day events;
  • Recurring use such as monthly meetings: $25 per use;
  • Recurring use one or more times per week (depending on availability): $150-$250 per month;
  • Use of kitchen, dishes, coffee pots, dishwasher, etc. (food provided by renter): $25 for all events.

Carr Building Interior

Rental Guidelines

  • Rental fees are outlined above. Any rentals outside of the 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM time frame are charged at $25 per hour or part of an hour, in addition to the rental donations.
  • Rental of the Museum grounds between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM allows access to the Museum washroom, but does not include admission to the Museum. We can arrange for your group to tour the Museum for the group admission rate (currently $3 per person) in addition to the rental donations.
  • Rental of grounds that requires access to the Museum buildings after 5:00 PM (such as washrooms or electrical) are subject to an additional $25 per hour for staff time.
  • We're a small organisation, and we don't have a staff of people to set up tables and chairs and such - that's up to you. You are also responsible for clean-up and take-down - returning the rented space to the same condition it was in before you started. If your set-up and clean-up are all done between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM on the day of your event, there is no additional charge. If you choose to set up or clean up on another day or outside of those times, additional rental fees apply.
  • Decorations must not cause any damage to walls or other structures.
  • We do not have any catering or food services on-site. Hiring outside caterers is the responsibility of the renter. Health permits, liquor permits, and other food-service requirements, including FoodSafe and Serve-it-Right certification, are the responsibility of the renter. The Museum accepts no responsibility or liability for food or alcohol.
  • Limited dishes are available for an additional rental donation.
  • There is no storage available at the Museum for any equipment brought in. If you want to bring it in the day before the event, you'll need to set it up in place and leave it overnight, regardless of the weather - same if you're picking equipment up the day after the event.
  • Museum staff must be informed in advance of any site visits by renters or their representatives, of the drop-off, set-up, and pick-up times of equipment, food, etc., so that we can ensure site accessibility and the safety of our other visitors.
  • When renting the Museum grounds during regular Museum operating hours, please be advised that the Museum will not be closed to the public. Our staff will do everything possible to ensure that Museum visitors do not intrude or interfere with your event. We recommend that you bring stanchions or other dividers if you are concerned about public access to your event.
  • Renters must provide proof of insurance for the event. The Museum only makes the space available to you, and accepts no responsibility or liability in the case of accident, injury, or death occurring during or as a result of private events held on the Museum's grounds.